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“Since childhood, I have fond memories of following my mum on hertireless house-hunting feats,” Alex recalls. An innate love for real estate,Alex Tang’s story draws its inspiration from personal experiences andprivate memories. Today, as he sits at the pinnacle of success as theGroup Director for the Dennis Wee Group, the leading local real estateagency he catches a pause to take us back to the beginning.Born into a family of six, his typical heartland upbringing served asa strong foundation for his future career. “From the very first rentedHDB one bedroom unit, the purchase of HDB 3-Rooms, 5-Rooms flatand the subsequent ownership of private properties, we have comea long way,” Alex describes his childhood as a constant house viewingquest that kept the excitement alive. “I was always enthusiastic andexcited about the house viewings, and I believe that my passion continuesin my career as a Real Estate Professional,” Alex explains. Starting hissales career in a car rental business, Alex quickly charted his way to thecompany’s realty portfolio. He finally joined the Dennis Wee Group in 1999and today he celebrates his 11th year with the firm as it’s newly appointedGroup Director. Driven by an intense passion for the job, Alex’s hard workhas won support from his clients and many accolades over the yearsincluding the Top Producer Awards.Alex’s day starts with the newspaper to catch up with the day’s Propertynews, regulations and market trends, where he shortlists potentialproperties and plunges into the day’s work. Arranging appointments,placing property advertisements, following which house viewings arearranged and executed. “It is important for the Agent to paint pictures andget the clients to visualise what it would be like to stay in the place. It alsohelps when I relate the features of the house into benefits relevant to theclient and his or her family,” Alex believes in giving his clients a realisticvisual of the house.Reflecting on his personal experiences with house viewing, Alex looks toeach house as a unique place that not only differs in terms of its location,views and size but also caters to different families and their lifestyles.Bringing a fresh and personal approach to his work, Alex believes inharbouring an honest relationship with his clients, ‘I like what I’m doing.I have earned trust of my clients and many of them referred their familymembers, relatives and close friends to me.’ Speaking of houses, Alexthen goes on to share some of the key projects that he specialises in.Link Residence @ Holland features stunning freehold Cluster Bungalows;the characteristic Mount Faber Lodge located opposite the SentosaIntegrated Resorts and Riverside 48 at Robertson Quay. More can beseen at his website www.alextang.irealtor.sg.Alex shares his expert overview of the island’s growing property market,“The IRs introduction is just one of the reasons leading to the rise in realestate demand. Previously, there was an increase of speculation like subsalesand multiple transactions before TOP as people were anticipatingproperty value to go up when the IRs were ready. By hosting eventslike the FormulaOne and Youth Olympics Games, the Government hasattracted foreign talents and High Net worth individuals to migrate toSingapore. All in all this has created interest in Singapore as an attractiveplace to live and work. The building of linking infrastructure like additionalMRT stations and new attractions also helps to push up actual and“perceived” values of properties located near these new sites.”So what inspires him day after day? Alex promptly replies, “I have apassion for the real estate business and I like to demonstrate properties. Ibelieve that all properties have their own character and potential, just likehuman beings,” Alex gives a fresh definition to real estate; he describes itas a “People’s business that involves constant interaction with people. Alexreflects on the joy his home gives him at the end of each day. It is a placewhere people can bond, rest and recreate with their love ones,” and thusthe search for an ideal home is what drives Alex Tang to keep searching.s
Alex Tang

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Alex Tang
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